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IPS Philosophy HF 400 Full Digital Radiography Solution

I.P.S.’s Philosophy H.F.200/400 is the result of years of experience manufacturing x-ray equipment since 1977. The reliability and the user-friendly application make this x-ray equipment an ideal everyday partner in diagnostic imaging work.

I.P.S.’s line of veterinary x-ray equipment embodies the effort and the mission of the company in finding always avant-garde solutions and new technologies.

Their veterinary x-ray equipment are essential devices for diagnostic imaging for all vets looking for excellence and wanting to exploit technology at its best.

All units are mechanically designed for DR and CR digital systems up to size 43 x 43 (17 inch. x 17 inch.)

• Patient support table 4-ways mechanical brakes

• Pedal controlled mechanical brake

• X-ray steel plate cassette

• Inverter inside the table



• Removable anti-scatter grid 103 lines/inch –Ratio 10:1 Film focus distance 100 cm

• Cleat rope ties

• X-ray hand switch

• Self-leveling feet

• Table top available in different sizes

• Head rotation ± 90°°

• Accessory with variable angle for myelograph



• Power 15 Kw 40 KHz

• Power Supply 3,0

• Radiation leakage less than 3,5 micro SV/h according EN 60601-1-3



• AC single-phase voltage of 230 Vac < 1

• Frequency 50 – 60 Hz

• Max power 15 Kw

• Frequency ripple 40 KHz

• Max Voltage 100kV

• mA max 200

• Exposure time 0,002 a 2 sec.

• X-ray foot switch 6 mt


Operating System

• Kv setting: from 40 to 100

• mAs setting: from 0,6 to 80

• 2 point technique Kv – mAs

• 3 point technique Kv – mA – mS

• Anatomically programmed x-ray technique (APR)

• Weight selection (KG)

• Thickness selection (CM)



• Radiation protection up to 125 Kv

• Manual setting field

• Lamp timer 60 sec – automatic start

• Field from 0 a 48 cm x 48 cm

• Light LED

About I.P.S. Medical

I.P.S. Medical, founded in 2010, is the evolution of the historical family business in the field of radiology started in 1977 in Milan by the Pierotti’s. In 1930 Alfonso Frontini established in Milan the company FRONTINI, the first manufacturer of radiological equipment to present a radiology table that could carry out a overturning 90°/90° with an ingenious mechanical system through a cogwheel and its simultaneous traversing. The system was particularly appreciated for the myelography for the analysis of intervertebral disks hernias.


I.P.S. MEDICAL has established strong academic cooperation with Professors of prestigious Italian Universities, by providing radiology material in order to develop applied research with the students. We are technical partners with the following Universities:

University of Parma (Dept. of Veterinary Science)

University Federico II of Naples (MVPA)

University of Padua (Dept. of Animal Medicine, Production and Health)

University of Milan (DIMEVET – Dept. of Veterinary Medicine)

University "Aldo Moro" of Bari (Dept. of Veterinary Science)


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