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Midmark VetPro 1000

The VetPro® 1000 Mobile Dental Delivery System from Midmark uses our exclusive oil-free technology. That means there is no oil to contaminate your handpieces, providing a clean, dry, aseptic work environment for you, your staff and your patients. And best
of all . . . No more oil changes! That’s better for your staff and better for the environment.

  • Integrated oil-free compressor means no worries because it eliminates potential oil exposure to patients and messy changes! You will also have to replace your handpieces less often because there is no degradation from oil contamination.
  • Handpieces automatically activate when removed from holders allowing you to focus on the patient.
  • High and low speed handpieces included.
  • Integrated Acteon Satelec® Piezo Scaler saves valuable space and improves efficiency during the procedure.
  • Standard Midwest 4-Hole connection type
  • Optional fiber optics enables proper lighting
  • Quickly toggle between the dual 1-liter water bottles with a flick of a switch without de-pressurising the system.
  • External quick connects for water and air make setup easy.
  • Medical grade casters allow you to position the cart where you need it.
  • 10' hospital grade powercord
  • 18.5"D x 23"W x 36.5"H

VetPro® 1000

8000-001 VetPro® 1000
with non-lighted integrated scaler

8000-003 VetPro® 1000
with non-lighted integrated scaler and fiber optics

8000-007 VetPro® 1000
with integrated LED scaler and 2 fiber optic high speed positions

8000-008 VetPro® 1000
with integrated LED scaler and fiber optics

9A477001 Antimicrobial fabric cover for VetPro® 1000

*All dental delivery systems include high and low speed handpieces,

VetPro® Bur Starter Kit and starter supply of Prophy Angles.

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