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About Us

About Pan Veterinary

Located in the centre of Kildare Town, Pan Veterinary has been in partnership with Irish vets for over 30 years. Because we’re a family company, we’re interested in your long-term success and profitability as a veterinary surgeon.

It is in our interest to provide you with the most suitable and cost effective solutions for your needs whether in capital or day to day running of your business.

We pride ourselves on being the supplier of almost any veterinary instrument or suture. Whether your needs be equine, canine, feline or bovine. Whether it be Surgical, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmic, Diagnostic or Dental. We also supply a wide range quality equipment for your vet hospital in the fields of Instruments, Anaesthetics, Blood Analysers, Biochemistry, Autoclaves, Furniture, Arthroscopy, Fracture & Cruciate Repair, Orthopaedics etc. Why not contact us by phone, web or call into our showroom in Kildare.

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We have been in partnership with Irish Vets for over 30 years supplying Veterinary Products in Ireland. We pride ourselves on being able to supply any Veterinary instrument or suture.


Any Veterinary Instrument

Equine - Canine - Feline - Bovine - Surgical - Orthopaedic - Ophthalmic - Diagnostic - Dental


Everything for the Vet Hospital

Equipment - Instruments - Anaesthetics - Blood Analysers - Biochemistry Machines - Autoclaves - Examination Tables - Arthroscopy - Fracture & Cruciate Repair - Orthopaedic - and so much more



Pan Vet has a long standing tradition of holding Wet Labs at our premises in Kildare Town, any upcoming events will be advertised in our Training section

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