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New Innovative TPLO Plate from Arthrex

Arthrex are pleased to announce the launch of their new innovative TPLO plate, which will be distributed by Pan Vet in Ireland.

What’s behind this plate?

Co-developing surgeon Prof. Antonio Pozzi has shown that even after TPLO surgery, a rotational instability can be existent in the stifle in up to 30% of the patients

The addition of an InternalBrace prevents the rotational instability and thus protects the meniscus from latent injury and excessive osteoarthritis.

The surgeon has to evaluate the need for an InternalBrace intraoperatively after TPLO implantation. Estimated surgery time for this augmentation with SwiveLock and FiberTape is 20-30 minutes.

Is there a surgical technique?

A surgical technique is in progress. Please refer to Arthrex’s youtube channel to find 3 instructional videos by Prof. Pozzi

Approach and osteotomy

Plate placement

InternalBrace augmentation

For more info feel free to contact us at Pan Vet

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