TTA Rapid comes to Ireland

TTA Rapid comes to Ireland

MMT (Modified Maquet Technique) is now established as an alternative to traditional TTA. It has been observed that the post-operative stability would be significantly increased if the cage had more than two screws. Additionally the machined TTA cage is not ideal for bone ingrowth.

New manufacturing techniques have made the new TTA Rapid cages technically possible. Rather than having machined slots through the cage for bone ingrowth, the TTA Rapid cage is created as a titanium honeycomb very similar in structure to cancellous bone. This construction is both very strong and very biocompatible with bone.

For the TTA Rapid technique pre-operative assessment is exactly the same as the established traditional TTA. Accurate positioning of the Maquet hole and the osteotomy are simplified by use of dedicated jigs.

 The technique is straight forward and quick, the surgical exposure is significantly less than is the case with TTA. Surgeons currently employing the TTA, MMT or MMP techniques will find switching relatively easy by studying the available step by step guides and viewing the surgical video. Surgeons unfamiliar with tibial plateau modifying techniques can attend a dedicated TTA Rapid course this September in Pan Vet, Kildare Town.

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