Arthrex ABPS System

Arthrex ABPS System

Autologous blood processing system (ABPS) (IRAP) consists of a tube containing specially designed glass beads that maximize the surface area inside the tube. Blood that has been incubated in this unique tube can be separated to produce autologous serum useful for treating mild to moderate osteoarthritis. Because the serum is derived from the animal’s own blood, the possibility of adverse allergic or anaphylactic side effects is drastically reduced.

Greater concentration of IL-1RA and other beneficial growth factors

The specially designed beads stimulate monocytes to produce regenerative and anti-inflammatory proteins without the addition of drugs. Dual ports provide simplified transfers of blood and removal of therapeutic serum. New color-coded ports allow for easy access for the introduction of blood and recovery of serum after incubation and centrifugation. The curved inflow port reduces the risk of hemolysis and increases yield. The unique inflow port directs the blood against the ABPS device wall to reduce the damage to the cells. May be used with existing autologous blood processing centrifuge. The newly designed ABPS was made to fit within the same rotor to eliminate the need for new capital equipment.

Arthrex Vet Systems IRAP II

ABPS Brochure

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