Continuous Wave 4 Arthroscopy Pump

Continuous Wave 4 Arthroscopy Pump

The Continuous Wave 4, now with a Synergy heads-up display and direct communication with the Synergy resection system, is a fully integrated inflow-only arthroscopy pump. 

Clear, consistent, turbulence-free visualization is achieved through Arthrex’s latest proprietary design, which precisely maintains optimal joint distention and clarity.The touch-panel video display gives real-time pressure and flow readings, and displays the total fluid used during a case, as well as the total run time at the end of a procedure. 

Flexibility is key, with touch-panel access and the choice of a foot pedal or autoclavable remote control device that allows the user the ability to control the Continuous Wave 4 from the sterile field. User-selected defaults encompass pressure settings (by joint space), flow rate, and shaver boost levels. The LAVAGE mode allows the user to control pressure at the touch of a button. The addition of shaver detection provides an optional boost of pressure when the shaver is activated.

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