Synergy Shaver and Console

Arthrex Synergy Shaver and Console

The Synergy Resection Shaver Console is used for the resection and aspiration of soft tissue, cartilage, and bone during arthroscopic surgical procedures. With functionality based on the Adapteur Power System™ II platform, the Synergy Shaver Console features the sleek Synergy design and has been upgraded with the latest electronic hardware, including a large touch-screen display that provides a number of user improvements.

The new console has the ability to control two handpieces, either individually, or simultaneously and independently of one another. The touchscreen display allows easier visualization of speed and directional modes, with full functional control at your fingertips.

The Synergy Console Integrates with Synergy imaging system (heads up display) or operates as a stand-alone unit.

Arthroscopic Treatment of Bilateral Fragmented Cornoid Process from Elbow Dysplasia

Arthrex Imaging And Resection Brochure

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