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VetAssure Sterlizers are renowned for their outstanding reliability, you’ll experience some of the best reliability in the business with VetAssure.™ We keep a range of the veterinary autoclaves in our showroom in Kildare, Ireland so there would never be any delay in delivery post purchase.


Now with patented technology as standard, you can expect completed Class B cycles to be up to 20% faster than previously.


VetAssure™ is the result of continuous feedback from our customers to our experienced research and development team, who are forever striving to provide our customers with the best quality components and technology for today’s instrument processing needs.


Every VetAssure™ has an integral printer as standard providing a hard copy of parameters for every cycle run. A USB connection is an option for those requiring downloadable cycle records.


VetAssure™ sterilizers are now additionally protected by the inclusion of a water conductivity meter, as standard. The quality of the purified water is therefore constantly monitored and relayed to the user, further enhancing reliability.


Maximise productivity by scheduling your test cycle up to 24 hours in advance, so your unit is warmed up and ready to go first thing in the morning, improving productivity and taking advantage of energy use during quieter periods


A new, sleek, three piece cover increases the serviceability of the unit for preventative maintenance and annual validation.


Good quality steam can only be produced if good quality water is used in its generation. That’s why Midmark VetAssure™ sterilizers offer a range of flexible water solutions to assist you in consistently feeding the unit with water of the desired quality.


ROSI is an optional integrated tri-cartridge water purification system, which connects directly to your practice water supply.This means No Manual Filling, Time and Cost Saving and effectively Purified Water On Demand for your veterinary autoclave.

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