Eurolyser Solo Analyser

Eurolyser Solo Portable Analyser

The Eurolyser solo is a portable analyser to measure T4, Progesterone, Phenobarbital, GLDH, Fructosamin, Fibrinogen, Haemoglobin, cCRP, Bile Acid, SAA, NH3 Ammonia, Lipase and Lactate.

The analyser is capable of thyroid diagnostics, analysis of diabetes status, inflammatory status, hematology diagnosis as well as the diagnosis of the acute phase proteins.

The Eurolyser solo is easy to use within a 3 step measurement procedure. The handy analyser offers a point of care diagnosis through a single test format.

The Eurolyser solo inspires with a modern LCD touch screen display. Test information and charge- and calibration data are transferred to the analyser though a RFID card. In just a few minutes the analyser provides test results which can be printed by an optional printer. Furthermore, the test results can be automatically transferred to the clinic software.

Eurolyzer Solo Veterinary Analyzer

EUROLyser solo How to run a sample

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