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Veterinary Instrumentation was founded by John Lapish BSc., BVetMed., MRCVS. in 1986. Working in Sheffield as a small animal orthopaedic surgeon John was frustrated by the lack of appropriate instrumentation for veterinary surgical procedures. Most of the available instruments at that time were simply the smaller variants of products designed for use in human surgery.

Living in Sheffield, centre of the UK surgical trades, John was ideally placed to try and develop one or two ideas of his own. So, working with skilled local instrument makers, John began to develop a range of instruments (initially for his own use) designed specifically for veterinary surgery. Requests for these products and suggestions for new items began to trickle in from colleagues and this reinforced the conclusion that a need existed for a specialist instrumentation service to meet the needs of the profession, and small animal orthopaedics in particular.

Today the Veterinary Instrumentation range of implants and instruments includes over 4,500 items. Innovation remains a key part of our activity and John works with leading veterinary specialists from all over the world to turn new ideas into practical working instruments.

VI products have the professional backup of veterinary and nursing personnel to advise on the selection and use of both instruments and implants. Pan Vet are the agent for Veterinary Instrumentation in Ireland. We’re always happy to discuss any aspect of instrumentation and can help locate almost any item.

Designed by Vets for Vets

Veterinary Instrumentation’s strap line is ‘Designed by Vets for Vets’ and we fully understand how important it is that all instruments and implants are of the highest quality. We work exclusively with a number of manufacturers to ensure that all our products are not only exclusive to us but are of the highest quality, in terms of design, manufacture and materials. For example, there are over 200 different variants of stainless steel, thus a stainless steel screw from one manufacturer may be very different from another.

Although quality standards are not mandatory within the veterinary market, we work to British and European human standards whenever they apply. For example, all our screws are manufactured by a human orthopaedic company to comply with BS 3531 and ISO 5835, so you can have complete confidence that you are buying the best. We have also designed them to work with all other manufacturers’ products, even those where there is not a published specification (e.g. S.O.P™) to allow you the freedom to choose your supplier.

Life Time Warranty

Veterinary Instrumentation in Ireland has been offering a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect on its surgical instruments for over 25 years and we are delighted that many of our instruments are still providing good service after decades of use. We seek to minimise problems by offering the highest quality products but if you purchase an instrument that either fails or does not perform, we will gladly repair or replace the instrument free of charge.

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