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Pan Vet has a long-standing tradition of holding Wet Labs and Training Workshops at our premises.

We have a proven track record in providing hands-on, structured training and continuing professional development to veterinary professionals.

Our training includes learning new techniques, both surgical and diagnostic, training in practical skills in line with newly developed methods and also training for refining of existing skill sets.

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ArthroLab Courses 2022

Hands-on Courses taking place in Munich, Germany on all aspects of Arthrex Vet Systems.

TTA Rapid Veterinary CPD Training [TBC]

The course outlines the development of the TTA Rapid procedure, a new course in Veterinary CPD in Ireland

TPLO Beginner Course [TBC]

Two-day international Hands-on course for beginners in osteotomy that will cover an osteotomy approach for treating CCL ruptures.

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